Smart Park Solution

All round intelligent new management; high efficiency and starting from intelligence

Redefining the park and making it accessible to smart tentacles

Park integrated service platform + Intelligent IOT + data visualization + innovative operation

  • Improve the comprehensive service capacity of the park

    Achieving comprehensive information management about Security, site management, enterprise service and other businesses improve the overall work efficiency of the park.

  • Intelligent IOT active perception

    Intelligent IOT can effectively and actively perceive the operation status of equipment and facilities in the park and release human resources and reduce human costs.

  • Visual Park display

    The collected data could be displayed directly by visualization through the operation status of the park.

  • Improve Comprehensive Service Capabilities Of Park

    The innovative operation provides more value-added services by effectively integrating the park resources. It realizes industrial upgrading, operational innovation, and build the park ecosystem.

All round smart Park solutions

Park resource integration, platform centralized monitoring

Integrated information management Smart visitors Park map navigation Smart Parking Senseless face recognition Property maintenance Smart exhibition hall Smart energy management Intelligent security monitoring Intelligent fire fighting linkage Smart access control Equipment inspection

The data is in control and the park is fully visible

Smart big data integrates energy consumption data, visitor data and equipment data in the park, and displays the corresponding data by user-defined selection
Realize all-round digital and refined management, and make the data in hands